Course curriculum

    1. VOMO Basics Course Introduction

    1. Setting Up Your User Profile

    2. Navigating Your User Profile

    3. Navigating My Resume

    4. How Well Do You Understand the User Profile?

    1. Overview of the Hub

    2. Structure of the Hub

    3. VOMO Glossary

    4. How Well Do You Understand the Hub?

    1. Joining Date and Time Opportunities

    2. Joining Anytime Opportunities

    3. Understanding Groups

    4. Download the App

    5. Getting Help

    6. How Well Do You Understand a Volunteer's Experience of VOMO?

    1. How Well Do You Understand the Basics?

    2. What's Next?

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Meet Your Instructors

Senior Training Specialist Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is a Senior Training Specialist who has helped nonprofits use technology effectively for over 10 years. Before he came to Virtuous, Matt served with various nonprofits and then built Customer Success at VOMO. When Virtuous acquired the volunteer engagement platform, Matt integrated the VOMO training process into its new Virtuous home. Whether he serves as a volunteer or as a training specialist, Matt strives to show that everyone plays a key role in the success of a nonprofit.

Senior Training Specialist Amy Vitulli

Amy has been an educator since 2006. In her role as Senior Training Specialist at Virtuous, she helps non-profits understand the intricacies of Virtuous and how they can use it to strengthen their organization. Amy lives in rural North Carolina with her family.