• Can I earn more than one certificate?

    If you want to get the complete certification, the Administrator Certificate is the path for you. Getting the Administration Certification shows that you are truly the "Master of Your (Virtuous) Domain." The other certificates are specialized sub-certificates and only use designated course material for that department or area.

    For example, the Finance Certification focuses on Virtuous skills someone working in the accounting/budgeting department might need, but doesn't include any material about marketing, because that wouldn't be part of their day-to-day activity in Virtuous. But if you get the Administrator Certification, that covers all your areas. That way, you don't need to take multiple tests - because let's face it, final exams are one thing no one misses about high school!

    We encourage you to learn as much about working in Virtuous as you can. If you're thinking of getting more than one certificate, we'd suggest going big and becoming a Certified Virtuous Administrator.

  • How come the Virtuous interface looks different in some of the videos compared to when I log in to use it?

    Don't worry; there isn't a glitch in the Matrix! Virtuous is continually updating its product - this includes everything from menu appearance to adding or improving features, so things might look a little different once in a while because of this.

    This is really a "good problem" to have, because it means that our team works so hard to make Virtuous as user-friendly and powerful as possible that sometimes our videos can't keep up! But just as we are always improving our product, our training team is continues to work tirelessly to update all of our support resources

  • Do I have to complete all of the courses before I can take a certification test?

    Nope! If you feel like you have a good mastery of the material, jump right in and take the test. If you find that you have difficulty with the test, then you can always enroll in any course to brush up on your Virtuous knowledge.

  • Will I have to re-certify, or is my certificate good for life?

    The Virtuous platform is growing and evolving quickly. To stay up-to-date on the latest functionality you need to re-certify after one year.

  • Will these courses always be free?

    You bet! We want to make sure that you and your team are able to use Virtuous as effectively as possible, so the Virtuous Academy will always be free. Our trainers have been known to accept high-fives for their hard work, though.

  • What if I was a user of VOMO's previous Academy?

    If you were a previous VOMO Academy user you will need to create a new login to access our updated Academy. We promise it's worth it.

  • What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

    If you have a burning question, and you don't see it answered here, drop us a line! Snail mail is a little slow, so you can email any Academy questions to: academy@virtuous.org

Let Your Certification Network For You

After earning a certification in the Virtuous Academy, display it on your LinkedIn profile!