Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Marketing Automation

    1. Creating a Workflow

    2. Starting From a Template

    3. Which is Best: Contact or Individual Workflow?

    4. Run Against: All or New?

    5. When to Allow Re-enrollment

    6. Additional Workflow Settings

    7. Anatomy of a Workflow

    8. How well do you understand Workflows?

    1. Workflow Actions - Delay

    2. Workflow Actions - Marketing Email

    3. Workflow Actions - Follow

    4. Workflow Actions - Tag

    5. Workflow Actions - Task

    6. Workflow Actions - Organization Group

    7. Workflow Actions - Custom Field

    8. Workflow Actions - Contact Note

    9. Workflow Actions - Email List

    10. Workflow Actions - Letters on Demand

    11. Workflow Actions - SMS

    12. Workflow Actions - Wealth Data

    13. Create Your Workflow!

    14. Show what you know about Workflow Actions

    1. Running Enrollment

    2. Starting Your Workflow

    3. Workflow Engagement and Results

    4. Modifying an Active Workflow

    5. How well do you know Workflows?

    1. Course Final - Marketing Automation

    2. What's Next?

About this course

  • 30 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Your Course Instructor

Director of Training Scott Richards

Scott is the Director of Training & Education at Virtuous, though he's been involved in nearly all facets of Virtuous over the years. Previously the head of training at WealthEngine, Scott has spent over a decade teaching a variety of nonprofits how to make the best use of technology solutions. Prior to becoming a trainer, he has spent time working with and for a number of nonprofit organizations over the years, stuffing envelopes for mailings, telefundraising, assisting with live events, and connecting with donors of all sorts.